July 27, 2020

5 Great Signage Tips for your Retail Outlet

You are almost ready to open your first retail outlet, the final hurdle is the store design, layout and furnishing, then your signage is applied. Here are a few retail signage tips from the experts to ensure that you get maximum impact from your interior and exterior signage.

  • Storefront Signage – This is your flagship, the most striking thing a passer-by would see and it should have the impact to attract the eye. If you have a rough idea what you want, talk to a local sign shop in Bangkok (called ร้านป้ายกรุงเทพ in Thai), as they would have the software to create your concept and print onto your chosen medium. Consider neon, as this really does attract the eye, especially at night, plus you can get very creative with neon, with unique colours and styles of handwriting.
  • Informational Signage – It is important to get this right first time, and by using the same colours, font and design, you are helping visitors associate the signs with information. Signage should be just above eye level and in locations that can be seen from all angles and elevations. Large fonts are more effective, but the text needs to be in proportion to the sign.
  • Calls to Action – The CTA is a critical component to persuade the store visitor to commit to a purchase, and by printing them on stickers, you have the luxury of being able to affix them in any location, and as near to the product as possible. Things like ‘buy now, while stocks last’ or ‘sale ends Friday’ are all examples of calls to action, and if you would like some inspiration, take a walk around your local shopping mall, noticing the calls to action signage and where it is located.
  • Use Stickers – Stickers do not limit you regarding substrates, meaning you can affix your message anywhere; glass, walls, shelving, plastic, metal and even wood are all materials you can stick your signage. If you would like to see the hi-res sticker printing available today, take a look at a sticker shop in Bangkok and you can browse their catalogue of many designs.
  • Large Vinyl Stickers – Ever thought about having a full wall sticker created? If you have a photo that really says it all about your business, you could have it enlarged and printed onto a large vinyl sticker, which would transform your in-store ambience.

Choosing the right signage is a critical element of a successful store ambience, and by thinking about the above, you should be able to create signage that has impact.