October 30, 2018

Digital Transcription Services – An Overview

A diligent and industrious nurse, Mae Watson was involved in research for the exact purpose of evolving her professional career. Her research subject was the difficulties involved with improving women’s health. She required to conduct in-depth interviews using the women in her own sample. Mae bought a high quality dvr with the objective. She’d heard that handheld digital recorders were well suited for research interviews because they are compact, simple to manage and offered very obvious tracks. When the interviews were over, she’d to obtain the transcripts ready. Quite simply, she required to get her audio-recorded interviews changed into well-formatted text. But there is a lot more she’d to complete like literature review, assortment of secondary data, and so forth. This is when she made the decision to test digital transcription services. And she or he didn’t regret her decision. The professional transcription company that they outsourced her documentation tasks to could provide her with accurate transcripts inside the specified time, departing her with the time she needed to begin the remainder of her work.

How can Digital Transcription Services Work?

The transcription company offered Mae many choices to transmit her digital tracks for them – browser-based encrypted file transfer, e-mail, or upload for their secure FTP (Ftp) server. She find the FTP option as her files were quite large as well as as this would ensure data security. Signing in using the username and password the company provided her with, she submitted her audio tracks around the FTP site where the transcriptionist could download and transcribe them

Impressive Quality

By partnering with this particular experienced transcription company, Mae got excellent transcript quality. Her files were as much as 99% accurate because the company had stringent quality checks in position to make sure this. There have been no issues so far as language, grammar, and subject was concerned because they had experienced and trained personnel doing the transcription. The files were formatted as specified and delivered over time to satisfy her deadlines.

Additional features of the digital transcription service

• Proper handling of video and audio files posted in a variety of formats

• Another team on her behalf project which permitted her try to be finished in customized turnaround time

• Intelligent verbatim transcripts which didn’t include unnecessary utterances, slang and noises

• Time rubber stamping

• Capability to precisely transcribe accents and files with multiple loudspeakers

• Facility to edit the files throughout the transcription process

• Automatic search and printing capacity

• Full document flow management

• 24 x 7 tech support team

• Free trial offer


Additionally to prices which was 30-40% under the current market rates, this transcription company offered Mae a unique discount on their own digital transcription services as she would be a student. She’s now certain that she can present a distinctive research paper which will leave an effect.