February 1, 2020

How Wall Stickers Can Improve your Retail Space

The mention of the word ‘sticker’ invokes an image of a small item that can be adhered to any surface, and while these have a use, today’s technology allows us to create stickers that cover an entire wall. This opens up many possibilities and with state-of-the-art design software and laser printing, you are unlimited in design ideas.

Partition Walls

If you have a few of these in your store, the chances are they are of a single colour, perhaps a light brown or green, yet by having a custom sticker created, you can add some flair to your store layout. The sticker production company would have a team of technicians who can apply large stickers professionally, making sure they are perfectly level and contain no air bubbles or wrinkles. Vinyl is the most popular material for this kind of sticker and with deep, rich colours available, you can be as creative as you wish.

Vinyl Stickers

Using layered technology, the sticker designer is able to create any type of backdrop and the software can combine many layers to give you the desired image. Vinyl is a great material for wall stickers, as it is hardwearing, durable and easily cleaned. They are good at printing logo stickers (called พิมพ์สติ๊กเกอร์โลโก้ in Thai), which can be added in all the right places, to help you with your branding and ensure that people can identify your company and your products.

Thinking Outside the Box

The designs you can create are almost unlimited and if you talk to an experienced sticker printing company, they would be happy to show you a few photo albums that highlight the great potential that wall stickers offer your business. It might be a landscape, or even an abstract, or a compilation of some of your products, the options are many, and the supplier is an expert at applying wall stickers, ensuring they are level and have no wrinkles or air bubbles.

In-Store Boards

Stickers are not restricted to walls and partitions, as you can create boards of any size and have customised stickers attached, and with special messages, you can encourage your customers to browse your products. You could change your informational signage and have them replaced with stickers, with a recurring theme of colours and text, plus you could also create some effective calls to action signs that you can place near your products.

Unique Backgrounds

If, for example, you sell sportswear, you could create a stunning background of one of the sports you cover, which would make for an ideal backdrop to present your products, and by talking to a local sticker designer and printer, your ideas can be turned into reality. A few well-placed spotlights will highlight the image and provide the perfect ambience for your store, and if you had never considered this option, you are virtually unlimited in design options and with your choice of graphics, colours and fonts, you can create something unique to your store.

Wall stickers offer the retailer a unique opportunity to create customised backdrops that will enhance your in-store ambience, so talk to a local sticker printing company and see what they can do for you.