December 17, 2019

What are Backlinks and How to Get More of Them?

Backlinks appear when websites link to each other. They are an important part of SEO and are deemed the arsenal of the same. When you get backlinks from a different site which is of high quality and authoritative, you get a vote of confidence of the page for getting the link. The more votes you gain, the more Google would validate the search engines views in a positive ways, means higher the rank in the SERPs. This will increase the visibility, organic traffic and the conversion rates of the website. If you have no clue on how to handle such aspects, consider hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

How to get more backlinks?

Make the most of the broken link method

This tactic entails seeking the broken outbound links, getting in touch with the website that contains the broken link and suggesting them to fix it by linking one of your web pages. This only works when the page you are suggesting them is an authoritative resource on the same subject as the broken link. In other words, it must make sense to the website editor for replacing the old link with yours. This will help in rectifying the errors and enhance the user experience as well. This also gets you an extra backlink which is a win win case for all.

Guest posting

This is related to having high quality content ready but for submitting it to another website. This refers to as guest posting. Many websites let you submit posts to them that entails a backlink that redirects the reader to your own website. But note that you need to follow some rules for the same:

  1. Ensure that the website gets relevant content which will be linked to their website
  2. Ensure that the content you submit is of good quality and is useful and relevant.